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360 Degree Feedback improves the effectiveness of leadership

Management is required

Today's competetive environment demands a high willingness to adapt by organizations, management and employees. All the changes and improvments go through people. Strategic management and and control systems, as well as quality management, only lead to success with employees who are willing and able to perform.

Therefore management is constantly challenged to keep a balance in their leadership between economics, quality and humanity. The personnel management plays a significant role in determining whether we succeed with motivated teams, even in difficult times, and achieve new, higher goals.

A sophisticatedly designed Management Feedback - with a selection ranging from the appraisal by subordinates to the 360 Degree Feedback - enables a critical and constructive evaluation of leadership quality. It assists with identifying strengths and weaknesses within management and aligning themselves with goal-oriented measures for the new requirements. Therefore everyone involved (managers, employees and the whole organization) can profit.

Use the appraisal by subordinates of the management as an important tool for leadership development, employee motivation and improved performance.

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