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ValueQuest: The Expert for Employee Surveys

ValueQuest is an innovative market research company, leading in the field in employee surveys and customer satisfaction analyses.

Our Goal: Identify unused potential for our customers through well-grounded, established analyses.

Our Motto: Ask purposefully, analyze precisely, implement more

Our Success Formula: Analysis and diagnostic tools that give management effective levers for implementation.

ValueQuest is a scientifically established market research company founded by dedicated management with a wide background of experience in the service industry.
We have a special focus on the following areas:

  • Employee motivation
  • Employee behavior and management
  • Analysis of customer loyalty and needs

Our Strengths:

An open ear for your concerns

Listening is our strength. As a young, independent company, ValueQuest is not bound by any methodology, instead we support you according to your needs and requirements.

An established methodic know-how

In the area of market research ValueQuest has over 15 years of experience and effective tools. The focus of our activity lies in implementing knowledge into workaday life. Through a cooperation with the University of St. Gallen we are constantly developing our methods further.

A Strategic Management Understanding

ValueQuest has a wide, practical background of experience in personnel management and in strategic HR-management. Therefore the projects from ValueQuest are not primarily targeted toward methodic feasibility, but toward corporate reasonability.

Practice-oriented Diagnostic Tools

On the basis of modern, web-based technology ValueQuest is in the position to analyze information, to condense and visualize, and therefore guarantee a clear reporting and maximum implementation of the results.