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Customer Satisfaction – Customer Loyalty

A good service quality and a high customer satisfaction are requirements for high customer loyalty, but often they don’t suffice. Is the organization able to build an emotional tie to the customer?

Through consequent analysis of the customer loyalty, systematic optimization potential is uncovered. However the best analysis only brings success if concrete measures or actions are triggered, service deficits are rectified and the customer care/service is optimized.

We support you in the systematic measurement of customer satisfaction and loyalty:

  • Development of a well-balanced questionnaire which integrates the latest findings from consumer and behavioral research
  • A concise survey process which is gentle on the customers
  • A consequent self-reflection of the results for all concerned
  • Statistic analyses which identify important drivers and improvement potential for higher customer loyalty
  • Consolidation of the results to concise indicators which can be incorporated into the strategic controlling (e.g. in the form of a balanced scorecard)
  • Graphic reporting down to the basics: This creates concern and encourages the responsibility in the implementation of the results
  • Controlling the results through repeated surveys (Panel-Design)