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Why a Swiss Broker Panel?


The Swiss Broker Panel serves as a systematic, neutral platform for the exchange of ideas and opinions between brokers and insurers. The feedback of the broker serves to specifically improve the service quality in the insurance sector and to align the offers to be more focused on the needs of brokers and end customers.


  • Systematic feedback from the broker to the insurer (opinion of the broker receives weight)
  • Increase in service quality and assistance quality of the broker
  • Anticipation of market developments
  • Impulses for product development
  • Reduced effort for the broker (only one survey)

Benefit for the Insurer:

  • Representative survey (no individual opinions)
  • Anonymity of participants leads to more open feedback
  • Industry-wide benchmarking – comparison with the best
  • Differientiated analysis for 6 different sub-segments
  • Standarized questionnaires for all participants allows for industry-wide comparison and measurement of the effectiveness of improvements
  • The use of specific questions allows the possibility to individualize the survey

Benefits for the Broker:

  • Reduction of effort: won’t be questioned from every insurer individually
  • Benchmarking under the insurances raises the incentive for quality improvements – individualized feedback of results
  • Anonymity of the participants leads to more open feedback
  • Most of the project partners have started quality initiatives in the broker sector as a reaction to the results of the past years
  • The participating brokers recieve the survey results of a representative population on the subject of the insurance market, especially the perception of the broker > Possibility to improve their own marketing

All insurers can particpate in the Swiss Broker Panel (Prime insurers, Health insurers, pension plans). The survey takes place every year in May.

If you would like detailed information about the Swiss Broker Panel, please contact us.

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