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Goals and benefits of the Employee Survey

In an age where cut-throat competition and constant changes are reality, motivation and involvment of employees are THE determining success factors.

Employee satisfaction makes the difference!

Satisfied employees are more innovative, motivated and are ambassadors to your customers. A professional and systematic survey of your employees allows you to get to know their attitude and sensitivities so that motivation, commitment and satisfaction can increase while employee risks decrease.

An Employee Survey from ValueQuest paves the way for an excellent employer (Employer Branding).

Short-term benefits of the Employee Survey

  • Names the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and management
  • Identifies possible obstacles to the efficient implementation of the strategy
  • Identifies potential employee risks in time (fluctuation, burn-out, …)
  • Enables comparison (Benchmarking) with other organizations
  • The working atmosphere improves

Long-term benefits of the Employee Survey

  • Creates the basis for a productive, personal working culture
  • Increases customer orientation
  • Enables you to be an attractive employer
  • Encourages an open and transparent culture

Read here how an Employee Survey works.

What is especially important to you with your Employee Survey?
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