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Employee Survey: Step by Step

A careful planing and smooth execution is critical for the success of an Employee Survey.

ValueQuest supports you with proven tools and instruments - so that with little effort a maximum effect is guranteed.

Plan the Employee Survey

Your needs and goals are essential. Therefore our experienced experts will plan and discuss the aim and process of the Employee Survey with you.

Here's how ValueQuest supports you in the planing phase:

  • Advice and support through an experienced project leader
  • Answering all questions surrounding the subject of the Employee Survey
  • Establish a binding project plan with the right timing
  • Provide and explain checklists, sample templates and tools
  • Support in preparing documentation for the employees

Design the questionnaire

Every organization is unique and in a unique situation. We accomodate this with a tailor-made survey, which assures that the employees can identify with the questioning and that the results lead to concrete, implementable measures.

Here you will find possible sujects for an Employee Survey:

A transparent communication is critical - also regarding the subject of data privacy. Only when the employees have trust, can you expect honest answers and high participation.

Here's how ValueQuest supports you in the design of your Employee Survey:

  • Joint workshop with the project manager responsible for the developing the questionnaire (based on suggestions from ValueQuest)
  • Questionnaire databank with over 6000 valid questions
  • Check for completeness and balance
  • Programing/Layouting in all necessary languages and variations
  • Support in communication with employees before, during and after the survey

Execution of Employee Survey

Here's how ValueQuest supports you before and during the execution of the survey:

  • Prepare all employee addresses (E-Mail or via post)
  • Distribute the invitations and when necessary reminders to participate in the survey
  • Hosting the survey on a secure server in Swizterland
  • Hotline for questions from the participants
  • Online statistics about the participation


Additionally with paper surveys:

  • Printing of the questionnaire and mailing with pre-stamped return envelopes

Our modern and secure online technology assures data protection, confidentiality and anonymity



Analyze the results

The analysis of the Employee Survey makes the opinion of the employees visible and forms the basis for a structured dialog. Our reports are easily understood and give management all the necessary information to implement the results at hand.

Here you can view a sample report.

Here's how ValueQuest supports you in the analysis and reporting:

  • Preparation of the data with statistical analysis
  • Generation of meaningful, graphic reports for all deinfed departments
  • If desired, comparison (benchmarking) with similar organizations
  • Prepared PowerPoint presentations to communicate the results for all defined departments
  • Provide the reports on a download portal
  • Compilation of the open comments
  • Personal presentation of the results with deeper analysis

Follow up

The Employee Survey is the basis for an improvment in job satsifaction. The results strengthen the management and give them an instrument in the hand to lead a businesslike, goal-oriented dialog with employees about the future of the organization.

If desired, for effective implementation of the results, ValueQuest will provide a workshop-set for every department.

The set is made up of one of each of the following:

  • Guidelines for the implementation of goal-oriented workshops
  • Values-Poster (A0): All results of the department are visualized on a poster
  • Workshop-Poster (A0): Through a structured process 2-3 effective measures are developed

What is especially important to you with your Employee Survey?
Take up contact with us and we will be happy to discuss your specific wishes and requirements.