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Tailor-Made Mangagement Feedback

A Tailor-Made Management Feedback is recommended for organizations that want to regularly obtain qualified feedback for a larger number of feedback receivers.

The advantage is that surveys, processes and reporting can individually be coordinated with your organization and its goals.

The following steps are carried out in the process of a Management Feedback:

Analyze needs
Together we define the goals and extent/range of the Management Feedback. We decide how the feedback givers and receivers will be chosen (90° to 360° Feedback). Within the framework of the communication concept we will decide how the tool will be introduced and what the different participants expect. An exact procedure and timing enable an efficient and effective implementation of the Feedback.

Develop the Survey
Based on your management principles, mission statement and competence models, ValueQuest will develop together with you a selective survey model and questionnaire that is clear and understandable. As support ValueQuest has a comprehensive question databank at our disposal.

Conduct the Survey

The survey will be conducted based on modern online tools . Thereby we make a point to assure the highest data security and protection of anonymity. As project manager you are kept informed at all time through a web-interface about the current level of participation. As an alternative the survey can also be carried out in paper form.

Generate and distribute reports
Together we determine the content of the reports. The graphic reports visualize the results and the different perspectives, and enable, if desired, an internal, anonym benchmarking.

The reports and a guideline support the feedback receivers with the analysis and implementation of the results and with their own further development.

You will find a sample of a 360° Feedback here.

Follow-up planning
We decide how to proceed after the survey and which assignments the feedback receivers, supervisors, human resources and coaches have.
When necessary experienced coaches support the feedback receivers.

Please contact us to learn more about the possibilities of a Tailor-Made Management Feedback.